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Sasha Megan Bauer Brase

On July 29th, Kate gave birth to Sasha Megan Bauer Brase. Details and photos are on her site.


Is the Jerry Farber piece, an anthem of my youth, not copyrighted? Do you have permission? Where can I reach Farber? -- Some Random Person

Presumably you're referring to this, though I've no idea why you attached the comment to my daughter's birth announcement. I typed this from a blurry photocopy twenty years ago. If the copyright holder objects, I'll happily remove it.

Misc. Projects Including A Baby

To look at this long neglected unblog one would thing I've stopped doing things, but quite the contrary there's been so very much doing of things that there's been no time for posting. In no particular order we have:

  • Installed a home security system -- No particular need, but I've always enjoyed alarms and now our home has an RSS feed
  • Installed an electric garage door opener -- No more brushing off the car in the morning after a snow. Granted it's still powered by an extension cord running from the basement, but hey so goes it.
  • Installed nifty iButton electronic locks -- Now the same key opens every door to which I've got access including the Swarmcast offices.
  • Un-finshed the basement -- wool insulation and moisture: a winning combination. The project included a fun trip to the city trash transfer station.
  • Remodeled the kitchen -- I did almost no actual labor on this excepting some tile installation with Kate, the adding of rolley shelves in the pantry, and having to eat out for four straight months.

Add to those minor projects some time spent on general upkeep of an 85 year old home, scouts and a decidedly non-zero number of hours spent at work, and it becomes clear that what Kate and I need is a baby.

Kate's due on July 28th, and we're very excited.


Mazel tov on the baby news!

I happy to see that people from past who I have not kept up with in such a long time are living enjoyable and exciting lives!

-Mark Reck

You know how I have a strong distaste for breeding, and the products of breeding, but I suppose my stance has softened a little since several friends have produced, as far as I can tell, all together not terrible offspring. It's fun to prod at their ill proportioned chubby bodies for a while at least. So now I may offer my sincere congratulations on the upcoming baby. -Grrrk

The Wedding Planned With Bugzilla

If things have been a little sparse around here over the last year or so it's because outside of work the bulk of my organizational and creative energies have been going into the planning of our wedding.

The wedding was this weekend, and everything was spectacular. Photos and details can be found on the wedding website.

I've come away from the wedding planning experience with this advice for guys: Don't bother helping; no one but your finance/wife will believe you've done anything, and she's already in love with you.

Kate and I got no end of comments and jokes predicated on the notion that the guy never does anything to help with the wedding, and despite her earnest protestations to the contrary, you could tell that people came away with a belief that at most I probably helped pick the cake or something.

That assumption was all the more maddening because, in fact, my tendency to over plan events was perfect for a wedding. I'd been waiting for just this sort of opportunity to plan a large event and in doing so to put a record keeping theory to the test. -- By now it should be obvious that Kate, my wife, is a very patient woman.

For years I'd watched an event planner who worked out of the same coffee shop I did practice her trade. So nearly as I could tell she lived entirely in a world of post-it notes and phone calls. On any given day I'd watch 500 different pieces of information flit before her mental windshield with no discernible organizational system I could recognize. It drove me crazy. I wanted to offer to help her come up with a computer based solution that would patch all the holes in her process I was sure had to plague her on every project.

Meanwhile, I was sitting next to her working on computer software, which for any project of reasonable size includes tracking thousands of details. Among those details are defects, bugs, and any team with any hope of success uses a bug tracker system to keep them documented. The most popular, but certainly not the most user-friendly, bug tracker is Bugzilla. I like it a great deal.

I became certain that more than a spreadsheet or calendar or MS project, event planning required a bug tracker. I was pretty sure that Bugzilla could be put to work to keep good logs of tasks, dependences, and details in exactly the right fashion.

As alluded to previously, Bugzilla has a user-interface that only a software developer could love. Kate's not a software developer, so there was some initial resistance, but she's a trouper and took to it eventually. File attachments held contracts, and comments included phone logs. We were planning the wedding long distance so most communications were electronic.

In the end it worked well -- no details fell through the cracks --, but it was probably overkill for a two-person project. Something like basecamp is probably a much better fit. Bugzilla does have some nearly useless charts that allowed me to produce the horrible dependency graph below:



Kate Bauer and I put together the vanity/informational website for our wedding. Those joining us will find information on travel and hotels. Note the snazzy embedded google map on the bottom of the hotels page. Thanks go to Kate for writing most of the content and putting up with my insistance on hand-edited HTML.

The site also links to our engagement photos, where you can see how very lucky I am.

Engagement Ring

Again, it probably doesn't exactly meet the "things I've created" criteria for this website, but I just couldn't help but post this one. A few months ago Kate Bauer and I put together this ring:



Today when it arrived she agreed to marry me, and I couldn't be happier.


Hey Ry4an, you may or may not remember me, but my name is Brenden Johnson and was in IT at the U with you. We had Serge Rudaz (and FOSSIL) among other classes together. I happened across your blog a little bit ago on GeoURL.org and had to congratulate you on your engagement.

Hey, Brenden, I certainly remember you and the rest of the physics folks. I've been back on campus a few times lately and even though it's only been ten years since freshman year it's amazing how simultaneously distant and vivid memories of those times are. Nice hearing from you, and thanks. -- Ry4an

May Wrap-Up

The policy here at the UnBlog is that I only write up things I've created -- not just things I've seen. Last month, however, most all my creative output went into work, with very little time and energy left for side projects. I've got a few nearing completion, but nothing worth writing about yet.

I did manage to get a few small projects done -- some of which involved a little ingenuity:

  • installed a ceiling fan in a 1920s era home -- with creative ceiling patching and wiring required
  • disassembled and diagnosed my broken washing machine
  • repaired a broken sandal using the sheet bend and two-half-hitches
  • painted a room

Hey, it's not much, but neither is my quantity of available free time.


what a lucky person to have all those projects done for them. who ever would that be??? since of course you don't wear sandals or have a 1921 house. -- Kate Bauer

It's a secret. -- Ry4an