Engagement Ring

Again, it probably doesn't exactly meet the "things I've created" criteria for this website, but I just couldn't help but post this one. A few months ago Kate Bauer and I put together this ring:



Today when it arrived she agreed to marry me, and I couldn't be happier.


Hey Ry4an, you may or may not remember me, but my name is Brenden Johnson and was in IT at the U with you. We had Serge Rudaz (and FOSSIL) among other classes together. I happened across your blog a little bit ago on GeoURL.org and had to congratulate you on your engagement.

Hey, Brenden, I certainly remember you and the rest of the physics folks. I've been back on campus a few times lately and even though it's only been ten years since freshman year it's amazing how simultaneously distant and vivid memories of those times are. Nice hearing from you, and thanks. -- Ry4an