May Wrap-Up

The policy here at the UnBlog is that I only write up things I've created -- not just things I've seen. Last month, however, most all my creative output went into work, with very little time and energy left for side projects. I've got a few nearing completion, but nothing worth writing about yet.

I did manage to get a few small projects done -- some of which involved a little ingenuity:

  • installed a ceiling fan in a 1920s era home -- with creative ceiling patching and wiring required
  • disassembled and diagnosed my broken washing machine
  • repaired a broken sandal using the sheet bend and two-half-hitches
  • painted a room

Hey, it's not much, but neither is my quantity of available free time.


what a lucky person to have all those projects done for them. who ever would that be??? since of course you don't wear sandals or have a 1921 house. -- Kate Bauer

It's a secret. -- Ry4an