Misc. Projects Including A Baby

To look at this long neglected unblog one would thing I've stopped doing things, but quite the contrary there's been so very much doing of things that there's been no time for posting. In no particular order we have:

  • Installed a home security system -- No particular need, but I've always enjoyed alarms and now our home has an RSS feed
  • Installed an electric garage door opener -- No more brushing off the car in the morning after a snow. Granted it's still powered by an extension cord running from the basement, but hey so goes it.
  • Installed nifty iButton electronic locks -- Now the same key opens every door to which I've got access including the Swarmcast offices.
  • Un-finshed the basement -- wool insulation and moisture: a winning combination. The project included a fun trip to the city trash transfer station.
  • Remodeled the kitchen -- I did almost no actual labor on this excepting some tile installation with Kate, the adding of rolley shelves in the pantry, and having to eat out for four straight months.

Add to those minor projects some time spent on general upkeep of an 85 year old home, scouts and a decidedly non-zero number of hours spent at work, and it becomes clear that what Kate and I need is a baby.

Kate's due on July 28th, and we're very excited.


Mazel tov on the baby news!

I happy to see that people from past who I have not kept up with in such a long time are living enjoyable and exciting lives!

-Mark Reck

You know how I have a strong distaste for breeding, and the products of breeding, but I suppose my stance has softened a little since several friends have produced, as far as I can tell, all together not terrible offspring. It's fun to prod at their ill proportioned chubby bodies for a while at least. So now I may offer my sincere congratulations on the upcoming baby. -Grrrk