Word Star Retaliation

WordStar was the first word processor I ever used. It was non-WYSIWYG, and it was good. I haven't used it since the mid 80s, but I haven't used MS Word since the mid 90s either.

Sometimes I am sent .doc or .docx files, and usually I can figure out what's inside them using OS X Preview or Google Docs, but it's never perfect and frequently numbered lists get renumbered, which makes discussing the docs on the phone particularly hard.

To date I've been requesting .pdfs instead, but yesterday I tried just responding with a .ws3 file. The recipient asked for a conversion to .pdf (since they didn't have WordStar and a twenty year old machine on which to run it). I guess we'll see if he remembers to send .pdf the first time next time.

I couldn't find a way to generate .ws3 files, so I just gave a .rtf file the .ws3 extension and broke the magic number.