Ry4an in Title Case

Python has a uniquely bad title case function which turns my already silly name into Ry4An, capitalizing the 'a' because it follows a non-letter character. I can't be sure that all the bulk email I get that's sent to Ry4An Brase has passed through Python's .title() function, but I've not found another language or framework with so bad an implementation.

At least Python warns you that their version is terrible right in the docstring for title and provides a slightly better one they suggest you paste directly into your code. There are, of course, better versions available in libraries like titlecase which handle things like not capitalizing articles.

Other languages seem to avoid the fussiness of title case requirements by omitting it from the core language entirely (ruby, java), leaving it to third party implementors like rails and apache commons.

Four emails with my name in bad titlecase