Timed Home Phone Ringers

I really need to sleep in once a week, and I actually get to once a month. When I do sleep in I want the ringers off on all the phones in the house, but that's three phones to go find and then to remember to un-silence in the "morning". This past weekend I figured out that by using the call-forwarding feature on my home phone line to route all calls to my cell phone I can keep all the extensions from ringing. What's more by using the timed profiles feature on my cell phone I can have it muted until a pre-set time (say, 2pm) at which time the ringer re-enables itself. Finally I've got a good way to sleep in uninterrupted without forgetting to turn the ringers back on for the next three days.


Alternatively, you could ditch your land line. That worked for me. --Greg

Yeah, I've considered that but I like having a phone number I can give out to people whom I don't want reaching me on my cell phone -- especially since I work from home. Indeed, that's why I got the call-forwarding initially.