CVS Commit Blocking

When editing source files checked out from CVS I sometimes want to prevent them from going back in to source control without further edits. Until now I've just used // FIXME comments and have tried to remember to grep for FIXMEs before committing the files back.

Problem is others use FIXME comments, and sometimes I forget to grep. So I've tweaked our CVSROOT files to prevent custom FIXME tags from going in to source control.

I appended this line to CVSROOT/commitinfo:

ALL $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/checkforry4an

Added this line to CVSROOT/checkoutlist:

checkforry4an Tell Ry4an he broke something with checkforry4an

and crated a file named CVSROOT/checkforry4an containing:



for thefile in "$@" ; do
    if echo $thefile | grep -v Foreign | grep -q '.java$' ; then
        if grep -s -q 'FIXME RY4AN' $thefile ; then
            echo found a FIXME RY4AN in $thefile
            exit 1

Now when I put a // FIXME RY4AN comment into a source file commits break until I remove it.