Diplomacy at Sea and a Templated Evolver

I've got a policy here on the unblog where I only do entries about things I've created. When I wanted to hype the Diplomacy at Sea V/Dip Con event coming up March 2005 I had to find something to do with it first, so I volunteered to set up their website.

Whenever I need to set up a quick site I head over to the Open Source Web Design site (http://oswd.org/) and pick from their vast array of great designs. This time I went with one called Evolver. It has a clean look and clean code. Rialto did a great job of synthesis and design on this one.

In order to avoid having to edit every page in a site when I want to update a footer or navigation bar I often use Apache's Server Side Includes (SSI) to pull in elements that are on the same on every page. This time I decided to go a step further and see if I could use a single .shtml page for every page on the site. It ended up working out in a fashion sufficiently general to be worth re-distributing.

The outcome can be seen on the https://ry4an.org/dipatsea/ site, though it looks just like Rialto's original design. Attached is a zip-file containing the templatized page and a few paragraphs detailing the necessary symlinks. You'll have to enable .shtml SSIs in your Apache install, of course.