Ancient Content Warnings

I just rebuilt the server, and as part of the migration I realized a still had a lot of very old, almost embarrassing content online. I took the broken or not-conceivably interesting stuff off-line and am serving up 410 GONE responses for it.

There exists, however, a broad swath of stuff that's not yet entirely useless, but is more than ten years old and not stuff I would likely post today. For all of these pages I've left the content up, but you first have to click through a modal dialog warning you you're looking at very old stuff I don't necessarily endorse. That pop up looks like this:

Road Rage Races with an Ancient Content warning

An example can be found here: . (Though, if anyone still wants to race from point to point in the twin cities during the worst of rush hour I still think it's an awesome idea.)

Being the sort of person that I am I automated the process of adding those warnings to anything that hasn't been modified in at least 10 years. So, if you got an ancient content warning when viewing this page: Hello 2021!

If you follow a link or bookmark to and you get a 404 Not Found, let me know. Everything should either still be there or should give a 410 GONE so you know it's not there on purpose.