Road Rage Races
Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s. Immaturity travels at 5 mph.
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  1. The first rule of Road Rage Races is you don't talk about Road Rage Races. Actually, tell anyone you want unless you're getting a ticket or filling out an accident report. If you're foolish enough to break the law for a silly race, don't try to pull the rest of the participants down with you.
  2. The starting point is known in advance. We'll all know where the races begin well in advance. Racers will meet there thirty minutes before the race starts.
  3. The possible ending points are known in advance. Five possible ending points will be published at least twenty-four hours before the race starts.
  4. No racers will know which ending point will be the finish line until just before the race starts. Twenty minutes before the race begins we'll randomly select one of the ending points to be the finish line. This information will be kept secret from all but the non-racing finish line group. They'll set out immediately for the finish and their 20 minute head start should insure they arrive before the players.
  5. You are responsible for your own actions. Don't endanger the lives of others. Don't assume more personal mortal or legal risk than you feel comfortable with. It's just a game.
  6. Sabotage is not legal. You may not damage, hinder, injure, detain, or otherwise actively interfere with another participant. This does not mean you have to make way for others, just that you can't set out to block them.

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