Road Rage Races
Light travels at 299,792,458 m/s. Immaturity travels at 5 mph.
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You should probably read the rules before reading this.

Is this illegal?
I don't know. I'd guess there are laws against drag racing, but I don't know if they're in effect when you're traveling at 2 miles an hour. Unless vehicular contests of speed are unilaterally banned in Minnesota, the rules don't require you to break any laws.
Is this safe?
Yes. We're going to be moving very slowly, and nothing in the rules encourages reckless driving. Since these races are being organized in public it's possible that local law enforcement will have officers waiting at the start or finish. We welcome that, as anyone who breaks traffic laws deserves a ticket for taking what should be a safe, harmless game too far.
Can I enter on my bike?
Yes, any vehicle is welcome. You can run if you think that's gonna win it for you.
Can ride the bus?
Yup. Maybe you can even get MCTO to sponsor you and give you cool uniforms and stuff. Or perhaps not.
Isn't this just like ________?
Yeah, there are no new ideas here. Cannonball run, MCTO bus lane demos, etc. you name it, we're copying it. Big deal. That doesn't mean it won't be fun.
Aren't you endangering the lives of others?
This race is not. If individual players choose to, then they're bad people. Your right to swing your arm stops where the other guy's nose begins. Be nice to others, etc.
Isn't this wasting gas and poluting the environment?
Get over yourself.
Can I be in the next one?
Yeah, check out the contact page and join the mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.
Have you actually done one of these yet?
Nope. We tried back in 2001, but couldn't get enough folks. We're trying to pick a new date now on the mailing list. Once a date is picked we'll post it on the news page and announce it on the mailing list (which you can join on the contact page).
How long are the races?
The aim is to have starting and ending points that are about a fifteen minute drive apart -- if there were no traffic. That should be about forty-five minutes during rush hour.
Can I take any route I want?
Yup. Take a hot air balloon for all I care.
Did you know that _________ is misspelled.
Good anal-retentive reader! Want a cookie?!
Is ___________ against the rules?
It probably isn't, since we don't have many rules, but check the rules page just to make sure. If you're still not sure email the mailing list (which you can find on the contact page).
Did anyone actually ask these questions?
Of course not. Don't you know that every FAQ list since 1995 has been populated entirely by the web site's author?

Your question not asked here? Head over to the contact page, and ask it on the mailing list.

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