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Tue, Nov 13, 2003
The project's just starting out, so there's not a lot of news yet. For the next few weeks expect all the activity to reside in the design wiki, with stuff showing up on the download page once there's something to release.
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This project is about teaching new users the wonders of exploratory computing in a safe environment. The plan is to take cheap or free, outdated computers, load a free UNIX on them, fill them with small files and tasks comprising a breadcrumb-like trail of discovery, and then give them to persons who have shown interest in breaking out of their Microsoft/Apple playpens.

The goal of this project isn't so much teaching UNIX as it is inducing inquisitive people to start asking why things on their computer work the way they do. It's part of what ESR calls the hacker spirit I guess. For a little more about why I started this project check out the background page.

An example of the sort of tasks initially encountered are the catting of files, changing directories, and altering file permissions. Tasks toward the end of the trail will include basic system administration tasks. It would be nice if someone who worked his or her way through the full puzzle could consider himself or herself a reasonably proficient UNIX user.

The project is still in the early planning stages. I'm just now starting to figure out what skills should be included, a good way to offer clues and hints, and in what form things should be distributed. Most of the thinking is happening in the wiki. Some good starting points are: Please feel free to jump in with any thoughts and ideas.
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