Oldenburg SurveyResults


These results show the combined responses of eleven respondents to the Oldenburg Interest Survey. It's still not too late to take the survey. Check out the Oldenburg main page for more information on just what the project is about.

The Results

Total respondants: 11

Zip Codes:
     55408: 1
     n/a: 1
     55122: 2
     55401: 4
     08817: 1
     55101: 2

Proximity Requirements:
     - 1.5m; in warehouse district strongly preferred.
     - 10 miles
     - About half an hour tops.
     - Within walking distance
     - unsure
     - 20 miles
     - >2 miles
     - 15 miles
     - 5 minute drive
     - 20 - 25 mi
     - 30 miles or less

Services Wanted:
     Kitchen: 4
     Sleeping space: 2
     Wireless internet: 9
     Kitchen with dinner service: 1
     Computer terminal: 5
     Honor cash bar: 9
     Open bar: 1
     Newspaper subscription: 6
     Honor snack bar: 9

Other Services Wanted:
     - Small library or magazines
     - Deck of cards, board games, other group activities.
     - at least one space with old-fashioned library silence (a non-
          chatty, concentration-allowing room)
     - cable/satellite service. I'd love to have a place not a sports
          bar to watch Packer games.
     - TV, DVD player, stereo of some sort, POKER TABLE, complimentary
          or honor cash cigar bar, board game library (donated or
          loaned to by members).
     - Perhaps a game like foosball.
     - Some type of gaming area, i.e. convertible poker table. Comfy
          furniture that could double as sleeping area.
     - I don't really need any of the above to join, however, I think
          all would be nice if the club could afford them.
     - i think that free or really cheap soda and water wouls be wise,
          although ifs absence prolly wouldn't keep me from going to
          the club.
     - Magazine subscriptions might be nice (I'd suggest The
          Economist, which I enjoy reading but don't feel like
          subscribing to).; A way to watch movies.; I don't think a
          kitchen is necessary so long as the club is near
          restaurants.; Sleeping space = couch.

     Mean: 41  Median: 30  Size: 10 

Acceptable Smoking Policies:
     Snipers: 1
     Smoking outside only: 9
     Smoking in a designated area: 6
     No smoking restrictions: 1
     Smoking restricted to certain hours or days: 4
     Pipe smoking only: 4

Ideal Member Count:
     - There must be enough so someone is usually there
     - 50
     - 20
     - 35
     - 30-50
     - 30
     - 40
     - 200
     - 10-20
     - 25-50
     - 20-40

Initiation Fee:
     Mean: 92.5  Median: 150  Size: 10 

     Yes  : 6 (54.55%)
     No   : 5 (45.45%)

Guest Policies:
     - Must be accompanied by a member.
     - A limit on the monthly visits?  Otherwise people may not feel
          inclined to join if they can tag along with their
          membership-holding friend whenever they please.
     - One at a time, never unescorted?
     - maximum number per year per member and maximum visits per year
          per guest
     - First visit for that person is free, then a charge per visit
          unless they join.
     - must be accompanied by a member; 2 non-member guests per member
          should be permitted in the club at any given time. Some
          mechanism should be in plaace to prevent freeloaders --
          maybe a 1- or 2-hour visit limit?
     - guests restricted to certain hours, and can only stay for a
          limited amount of time.  Wouldn't want guests freeloading in
          with their friend(s).
     - open guest days, free guest "passes" of some sort to be handed
          out in moderation, guest can' come more than X amount of
          times per month on a pass.; Should it be possible to reserve
          it for events filled with non-members? I'd say probably no,
          but it will probably come up, so best to formulate a
     - Ok if brought with a member and unless they join, leaves with
          the member. Maybe small ~$10 cover or similar.
     - I think it should be pretty "lax" initially.  Maybe instead of
          restrictions on # of visits or something like that, consider
          members only events so there is an incentive to join.  (Want
          what you can't have sort of thing).

     - Un4club, er, no, just kidding.
     - The Appalachian Club
     - Oldenburg's
     - WAM (WAM Aren't Masons) ;)
     - works for me
     - Third Place
     - Perhaps an appropriate Simpsons place name
     - ACM? ;) just kidding. Don't know, but I don't really care for
          "The Oldenburg".
     - Super secret Treehouse of /Awesome

     - Neutral area to organize activities, hang out and enjoy oneself
          in the company of others.
     - Quiet place to write that's not home or a coffee shop,
          serendipitous place to run into peeps, social space
          replicating what we used to have in ACM.
     - It's nice to have the constant availability of a place to hang
          out without always having to impose on  a few.
     - Being able to hold an event with members that doesn't impose on
          someone's home; a neutral space to say, hold a poker
     - I still haven't found my ideal hang-out place in 3 years of
          living downtown.
     - the "social" part of the club, I don't really care about the
          services, I'd rather have weekly/monthly events scheduled
     - familiarity of location and persons
     - It would be a place where intelligent conversation could be
          counted on.
     - I like the idea of a "third place" that (thank god) has nothing
          to do with politics.; The idea of ACM Redux may be just
          simple nostalgia for my college days, but it does sound fun.

     - How new members are chosen.
     - I think it's likely that it will be too far out of the way for
          most people to go to regularly. The great thing about ACM
          was that it was where you already where. When I lived in the
          dorms, I rarely went to ACM, because I just went back to my
          room. But after I moved off campus, I had nowhere else to
          go, so I hung out in ACM.; I wonder about the expense of
          renting space for the club. ACM was subsidized by the
          University. Perhaps with the current glut of office space,
          it would be easy to find something.
     - Financial solidity without burdening the members, obviously the
          more members the less of an issue this becomes. You could
          make an argument for a sliding membership fee scale based on
          the number of members with a hard bottom cap. Also
          litigation concerns would need to be dissuaded with some
          sort of written contract on a member by member basis. With a
          kitchen comes Health inspectors, what would be done about
          cleanup and upkeep? There are umpteen licensing issues as
          well, food, beverage, alcohol, etc.
     - MORONS.
     - I think conversation should be encouraged. A TV, computer
          terminal, or too many things could possibly discourage this.
          A few things, such as newspapers, are ok. They can make it
          easier for new members or when there are few members
     - I worry that annoying people will spend all their time there,
          being really loud, so i can't sit there quietly and write.
          Also, on the smoking thing - I'm not really interested in
          paying a lot of money to hang out somewhere that aggravates
          my allergies. But I fear that the majority will want it
          since so many places don't allow smoking. I also have a
          concern about TV. I don't have good TV filters, having been
          raised largely without its influence, and I loathe the TVs
          in bars. I feel they detract from the conversation and they
          catch my eye and make me watch things like televised golf.
          I'd prefer not to have those in our social space.
     - Possible personal conflicts can put a damper on the spirit of a
     - Egomaniacs. People monoplozing the conversation with talk about
          career advancements, their new car, and what little Johnny
          did today.
     - Having enough members to make it financially feasible.
     - interpersonal conflict, financing

May Join:
     Yes  : 9 (81.82%)
     No   : 1 (9.09%)
     other: 1 (9.09%)

     - I think this is a great idea, but I do not live in the US. I
          hope you will post information on how you organise the club
          in your blog.
     - It is an interesting idea. I would recommend reading Bowling
          Alone (http://www.bowlingalone.com/) before proceeding for
          ideas.; There are a few other groups who have been inspired
          by the "third place"/Bowling Alone argument.; I would list
          Meetup.com first, as the founders explicitly credit Bowling
          Alone as their inspiration. Before hijacked (j/k) by
          politicians, Meetup was a quiet little site where knitters
          and Oprah fans could hook up. It has a large number of
          interest groups meeting once a month:
          http://www.meetup.com/browse/; Second, there's Utne
          Magazine's "Let's Talk America" conversational salons.
          http://www.letstalkamerica.org/ ; Jenny's friends also have
          a monthly book club which I go to often.; Also, this reminds
          me somewhat of the various users groups around town.
     - It is an interesting idea, though I see the 2 difficulties, 1.
          getting everything setup initially. 2. Keeping interest high
          enough to continue a profitable (i.e. non-money-losing)
          venture. Everything else is gravy.
     - Besides money, would there be any membership requirements?;
          Seems like a nice idea, in a time when bowling alone is so
          common.; Appalachian meens meeting place in Iroqois.
     - I miss the ACM hangout times. I don't have the kind of free
          time I once did, but I would use this if it were in the
          Warehouse district. I'm not likely to drive anywhere, and I
          don't much care for biking into Northeast. I am not keen on
          there being snacks on hand, because restocking is a lot of
          work (I know; I used to do it for ACM) and none of us have
          teen-aged metabolisms anymore. I don't object to booze on
          hand, but I don't plan to use it much; interferes with the
     - it's sweet.