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Page 24: Gaining and Losing Units

Page 24

After every fall turn and any resulting retreats the current supply center count is tallied for each player. The player's current number of units is then set equal to this new supply center count. Players gaining units may build them in any of their three (or in Russia's case four) initial supply centers. Players losing units must decide which units to disband. All builds and disbands are done simultaneously which is accomplished by writing them down. No discussion is allowed during unit adjustment.

A player may choose to play short by electing not to build a new unit when he or she is able to do so. Doing so allows the player to delay the army vs. fleet and location decision. A player may be forced to play short if all of his or her starting supply centers are occupied (by their own units or those of other players). Thus, it's wise to guard but leave empty one's initial supply centers.

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