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Page 22: Can't Cut Support Against Itself

Page 22

If the support cut can be considered an exception to the general rule of supports, then this rule is an exception to that exception. Stated a painly as possible, "A unit cannot cut a support that is strengthening an attack against the cutting unit." It sounds tricker than it is.

In the example pictured the French army in Burgundy is attacking the German fleet in Belgium. The French fleet in the English Channel is supporting that attack, which if the German did nothing would be sufficient for a successfull attack. However, now the German is moving into the English channel. The rules presented thus far would have that move cutting the French fleet's support of the French army's move, but that's not the case. Since the support of the French fleet is against the German fleet in Belgium, the German fleet in Belgium can't cut that support.

When presented as an exception of an exception this rule can seem more confusing than it needs to. When one thinks of the rules in a military context the rule makes more sense. A support cut represents distracting the supporting unit so that it cannot go help another unit to fight. A unit should not be able to cut support against itself, because the supporting unit is already planning to fight the cutting unit... or just memorize the rule.

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